Improving healthcare for all people of the Bay Islands

International Medical Spanish Elective


Our course provides a broad learning experience, combining great opportunities to learn from:

Clinical Instruction: Participants are actively involved in evaluating and managing the hundreds of patients the clinic helps each week

Depending on the education level, an active role will be taken with the patients’ care after the first day or two.

High-quality didactics:participants Work alongside our attending physicians and also participate in case/topic-based conferences each week

Spanish Language Education: Both clinical and non-clinical instruction in Spanish is provided, in addition to educational opportunities throughout the island.

Participant is asked to purchase the book “Relatively Painless Medical Spanish”, about $20 on Amazon. It is expected that one has an elementary understanding of Spanish and can converse some with others. The text is a workbook which one will be  expected to complete 6-10 pages daily outside clinic hours. There will be people in the clinic to assist with interpretation and questions.  There will also be one hour per week of Spanish class where questions and concerns can be addressed.  It is expected that at the end of the rotation one will have the ability to complete a medical history in Spanish.  Please note that all is dependent on your assertiveness with the language. Please ask if you need further information.  This is not a live-in opportunity with a Spanish speaking family but could be arranged if desired. You may contact the volunteer coordinator for more details if interested. Check our brochure for more info.

Community Outreach: participants should be involved in outreach projects the clinic organizes in the greater community to increase health education and awareness. It is expected that all participants will spend two hours weekly or more volunteering in a project outside the clinic hours. This is to enrich your experience on the Island.

We promote trust, collaboration and open communication to help create a positive community that maximizes the potential of all individuals. We strive to create an environment where problem solving and feedback are encouraged and valued. We recognize the invaluable contribution of our volunteers; whose dedication, support and commitment makes our work possible.

Volunteer are expected to perform their duties on a regular schedule and timely bases, if any changes occurs, must inform the head nurse or volunteer coordinator and present a writing approval note from them, which as much notice as possible so that alternative arrangement can be made.

We recommend to wear closes-toed shoes, long pants and T shirts (provided) by the clinic or scrubs with name tags (provided by the clinic).

We recommend for you to bring a bottle of water, use sunscreen and insect repellent to prevent dehydration, sunburn and insects bites.

We ask for volunteer on their visit to the community to provide a respectful working environment in which all patient are treated with consideration, tolerance and dignity.

REMEMBER your work strengthens the impact on communities, and help build strong relationship and create memories to share.

Program Objectives:

  • Acquiring and improving upon diagnostic and treatment expertise in a resource-poor community
  • Sharpening clinical exam and history taking skills
  • Learning how to practice medicine in a resource-poor environment
  • Becoming proficient in Spanish, specifically as it pertains to the medical H&P
  • Learning about a new culture and how healthcare extends beyond the exam room

Space is limited to 10 participants.

The cost for this elective is included in the required minimum donation of $750. Please mark “yes” on your volunteer application to indicate that you are participating in this elective. The application is the same for all our volunteer programs. Medical professionals not paying the minimum donation of $750 are welcome to join this program at a fee of $250 per month. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at