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Patient Information

Clinica Esperanza is a walk-in clinic open from 7.30am-6.00pm, Monday-Friday.

Adult Primary Care Available
Dental Services Available
Laboratory Services Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Primary Care Available:


General Consult (Consulta General) L. 100
Pediatric Consult (Consulta Pedriatica ) L. 100
OBGYN Consult (Consulta Prenatal) L. 100
Rapid Care Consult (Consulta Rapida) L. 500 (for those times that you need to be seem immediately)
Ultrasound (Ultrasonido) L. 150-300
Electrocardiogram (Electrocardiograma) L. 100
Eyeglasses (Anteojos) L. 30
Paps Smear (Citologia) L. 250

Dental Services Available:

WP_20130628 9 - CopyConsult (Consulta) 100
Dental X-Ray (Radiografía) L. 1o0
Child Extraction (Extracción/Exodoncia de Niño) L. 50
Adult Extraction (Extracción/Exodoncia de Adulto) L. 200
Child Filling (Obturación/Tapar de Niño) L. 150
Adult Filling (Obturación/Tapar de Adulto) L. 200
Child Profilaxis/Cleaning(Profilaxis/Limpieza de Niño) L. 100
Adult Profilaxis/Cleaning(Profilaxis/Limpiezade Adulto) L. 200
Complicated Extraction (Extracción Complicada) TBD (Por definir)
Cementation (Cementación) L. 200
Central-Premolar Root Canal(EndodonciaCentral-Premolar) L. 1,000
Molar Root Canal(Endodoncia Molar) L. 2,000
Orthodontics (Ortodoncia) L. 500
Orthodontics IB (Ortodoncia Inicial) L. 2000

Laboratory Services Available:

DSC00905CBC (CBC) L. 110
Malaria (Malaria) L. 140
HIV Antibodies (Anticuerpos VIH) L. 110
H. Pylori-blood (H. Pylori-sangre) L. 13o
Stool Examination (Examen de Heces) L. 130
Fecal Occult Blood (Sangre Oculta en Heces) L.130
Urinalysis (Examen de Orina) L. 50
Dengue Seroly (Serologia de Dengue) L. 210
Gonorrhea (Gonorrhea) L. 140
Chlamydia (Clamidia) L. 180
Syphillis (Sífilis) L. 100
Glucose (Glucosa) L. 80
Glucose Tolerance (Tolerancia a la Glucosa) L. 190
Toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasmosis) L. 90


What if I cannot afford to pay the fee above?
Our mission is to provide healthcare for all people of the Bay Islands, regardless of their ability to pay. We will not turn someone away simply due to lack of funds. We maintain our fees as low as possible to accommodate the poor.

What if I am not Honduran, can I still come to Clinica Esperanza?
Yes, our services are available to anyone who is on the island.

What if I have an average or high income, can I still come to Clinica Esperanza?
Yes, our services are available to all socio-economic levels. If you are happy with your services and you are able to pay more, you may give an added donation so that we can continue to give quality care to all people of the Bay Islands regardless of their economic status. We encourage all our able supporters to make monthly recurring donations online which will allow us to keep helping those that are unable to pay. See how you can help 5 of our patients a month here

What if I need a service that the clinic doesn’t offer?
There are other area private and public facilities that may be able to help but it’s possible that you will have to go to the mainland depending on the service you need. Our goal is to continue to grow and expand our services to limit the need to leave the island or the need to direct our patients to other facilities but we have to increase our reliable sources of funding. If you would like to make an in-kind donation to improve our work, (ex: a lab machine or a digital x-ray machine) then please contact our Development Director at

What if it’s a weekend or after 6pm and an emergency, can I still get seen at Clinica Esperanza?

Unfortunately you will have to go to the public hospital or one of the private facilities. Our long-term goal is to increase our hours to be able to accommodate emergencies at all hours but we need to increase our reliable sources of funding.

I am planning on moving to Roatan for an extended period of time but I have a chronic condition that requires particular medication, can I get that medication from Clinica Esperanza?
If you require medication and are unsure if you can buy it in Roatan, please email for advice.

Can I make an appointment to see a specific doctor?
Please call 2445-3234 to check availability.

Does it cost extra to get medication or is that included in the cost?
The medications are included in the consult fee.