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Meducational Material

Part of Clinica Esperanza’s mission here in Roatan is to provide educational medical information to the island’s people, as a form of preventative medicine. The more the public knows about their own health, the healthier the public will be.

With this in mind, we are proud to offer access to our library of medical information, presentations, flyers, and infographics. These materials are free to be used by healthcare providers, Islanders, or any curious minds that seek to better understand medicine and their own health.

The symbols below link to Courses, PowerPoints, and Infographics related to each topic. Explore our library of Meducational materials, free of charge.

Prenatal Health

Infant Health

Adolescent Health

Diabetic Health

The ethos we promote here at Clinica Esperanza is one of accessibility.

We want our medicine to be accessible to the people in our community, and we want our knowledge of medicine to spread as far and wide as possible. This attitude introduced us to the FOAM movement, Free Open Access Meducation, and it’s diverse and seemingly endless content library. There are hundreds of blogs, videos, articles, and infographics that have been drafted by professionals, technicians, doctors, and nurses around the world.

Below we provide a few services and sites that started us down the path of meducational development, with the hope that you get as much out of these opportunities as we have.

  FOAM RSS   FOAM Books        FOAM Reddit    FOAM Twitter


Clinica Esperanza hosts Lunch and Learn events for the doctors’ nurses volunteers and staff to exchange ideas, lessons, and best practices. The Videos that are then edited and posted to our Youtube Channel.