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We provide accommodations for our volunteers at a nominal fee and it is required that volunteers stay in our housing to participate in the program.  It is important that you are in close proximity to the clinic and to other volunteers as this enables you to participate more readily in community activities and greatly enhances your experience.

These are fully furnished two-bedroom apartments with A/C in the bedrooms, hot water and a complete kitchen. We also provide linens and towels.   There is an onsite manager and security bars on the necessary windows.  The apartments are approximately one mile from the clinic and we provide transportation to and from the clinic daily. The cost of the housing is $125 per week. You may have one to three roommates depending on the time of year and number of volunteers here.  If you would like your own private room, you would pay $250 per week. All payments are final and non-refundable.

If you are interested in knowing your roommate, please inform the volunteer coordinator and we will try our best to get you in contact with other volunteers that will be here at the same time. Keep in mind that living with other volunteers will often enhance your experience and provide companionship for activities outside of clinic time.

We can provide other housing options for our professional volunteers, i.e. doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists and those volunteers traveling with family if you want more of a resort setting..

Please check with our volunteer coordinator if you are planning to bring a team.

All proceeds from the housing go to Clinica Esperanza to help sustain the clinic and you are a vital part of our sustainability.

Please contact Nic VanZee, the housing coordinator or our volunteer coordinator at for more information if necessary.