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Eye Exams and Surgeries

Eye Exams
Eye Exams

As a part of our community outreach, volunteers go into the local communities and schools to provide free eye exams. We have volunteer Optometrists who give of their time and expertise to meet this great need. Once the eye exams are completed, the people that need follow-up care are referred appropriately. Some glasses are provided on site as available.

Annually, there is a group of optometry students and instructors that provide follow-up services with dilated eye exams These exams are of vital importance to our diabetic patients in the prevention and early detection of glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness in adults.

We coordinate with Oakridge Community Clinic and Dr. Darin Bowers to provide eye care, including surgeries for cataracts, strabismus, and pterygiums. We have increased the number of ophthalmologists coming which means that we are able to care for more eye patients but still have a waiting list for surgeries and are looking for other ophthalmologists who can join us in providing this critical service to the island. The Oakridge Community Clinic has the surgical suite and equipment necessary to perform these surgeries.

We also accept donated glasses to provide for our patients poor vision. The gift of sight changes a life forever and empowers them to truly live and to experience the beauty of life.