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Overview and Clinic Procedures

Overview of Clinica Esperanza

Clinica Esperanza

Clinica Esperanza

The Clinic is located in Sandy Bay and all people are welcome. The Clinic treats approximately 80-100 patients in a typical day – usually about 40% adults and 60% children. It operates five days per week, starting at 7:30am and closes at 6:00pm or when the last patient has been seen. Services are also available 24/7 for and labor and delivery. More than 3,500 patients consider the Clinic to be their primary medical care provider. Thus far, more than 65,000 patients have been treated in the Clinic.

Due to the limited number of medical facilities available, patients have come from all over the island and the mainland to seek medications or treatment. The Clinic provides a needed service to people who would otherwise likely not seek treatment due to costs and the crowded condition of the local public hospital.

Services Provided

The Clinic provides a number of services to its patients and the community. Patients are treated for urgent and acute care problems, as well as chronic problems requiring life-long care. Some problems are too complex for a clinic visit, and these patients are referred to the local public hospital, or to the mainland. In addition, the clinic has been instrumental in facilitating the transfer of a number of patients to the U.S. for services not available in Honduras.

There is a local women’s health doctor at the clinic and we do annual exams, including pap smears and prenatal exams. For several years, Clinica Esperanza has conducted prenatal classes which are a prerequisite for birthing in our birthing center.
Pediatric services address acute and chronic care issues as well as education for maintenance of healthy lifestyles. The Clinic is strongly involved in education including personal and dental hygiene, healthy eating and regular exercise.

Clinica Esperanza also offers a daily dental clinic including preventative services including Oral Health education, X-rays and cleanings as well as restorative dentistry and, when necessary, extractions.

The Clinic has a well-stocked pharmacy made possible by generous medication donations as well as inexpensive medications purchased from various international organizations. Patients report that the pharmacy is one of the more important services the clinic provides, as medications are not always available otherwise. The Clinic attempts to alleviate island-wide medication shortages by donating medications to other clinics and the island’s public hospital on a regular basis.

Clinica Esperanza opened a laboratory 2012 and currently provides chemistry, hematology, cholesterol and Hemoglobin A1c testing, dengue and malaria diagnostics along with many other laboratory services.

The consult charge to the patient is a 100 Lempira donation (about $5.00), and is waived if patients are unable to pay. The small charge encourages patients to value their healthcare and helps preserve their dignity. Patients often choose to give a larger donation, when able. The patients are asked to pay for some additional procedures, if possible, but medications are always provided without additional charge.

Clinic Procedures

Patient Arrival

Triage starts at 7:30am. The staff doctors arrive at 8:00am to see patients. We have an electronic medical record system and a pharmacy staff that fills the medication orders and then dispenses medications with proper bilingual instructions to the patients.

Clinic Hours

The clinic is open form 7:30am to 6:00pm or until the last patient is seen.


Most patients speak Spanish though native Islanders speak English (about 70/30%).