Improving healthcare for all people of the Bay Islands

About the Clinic

Mission Statement

We are a Christian-oriented, non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to the premise that healthcare is a basic human right. It is our commitment to provide an environment where the best possible healthcare can be provided, with educational opportunities for both the people we serve and the local healthcare providers. We are also committed to assisting healthcare professionals and others who wish to donate their money, expertise, medications, and supplies to improve the healthcare available to the people of the Bay Islands of Honduras.


Peggy Stranges

In 2001, after 14 years of coordinating volunteer medical and dental mission teams to Honduras, Peggy Stranges RN permanently relocated to the island of Roatan. As a nursing volunteer on Roatan, Peggy was acutely aware of the critical need for health services and made it her goal to help the people of Roatan to obtain accessible medical services. Clínica Esperanza started at the kitchen table of Nurse Peggy. Over the years, it expanded, first, to the apartment beneath her home, then to 4 rooms at the Son Rise Calvary Church, and finally into a dedicated, first-class freestanding hospital in Sandy Bay. Peggy Stranges has given her life to building “Hospital Ms. Peggy.”

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Clinica Esperanza

Clinica Esperanza provides low-cost/no cost medical care to the people of Roatan. At the medical clinic and  hospital, people can receive services from the walk-in medical clinic, women’s health center, pediatrics, birthing center, dental clinic including a laboratory and pharmacy. The clinic also provides outreach clinics, community health education programs, and school health screenings for vision and oral health.

The Clinic is located in Sandy Bay and all people are welcome. The Clinic treats approximately 80-100 patients in a typical day usually about 60% adults and 40% children. It operates five days per week, starting at 7:30am until 6:00pm. More than 3,500 patients consider the Clinic to be their primary medical care provider. Thus far, more than 65,000 patients have been treated in the Clinic.

Due to the limited number of medical facilities available, patients have come from all over the island and the mainland to seek treatment or medications The Clinic provides a needed service to people who would otherwise likely not seek treatment due to costs and the crowded condition of the local public hospital.


Clinica Esperanza is a not for profit clinic for the underserved of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Clinica Esperanza is a subsidiary of a duly established Honduran NGO registered as “Asociacion de Salud Comunitaria de las Islas de la Bahia.” Our Honduran registration number is 310-2006. Many of the programs offered by Clinica Esperanza are made possible by the generous grant-based support of a US based 501c3 Bay Islands Community Healthcare Association.

”Bay Islands Community Health Association (EIN26-2671583), incorporated in Pennsylvania July 8, 2008 as a domestic non-profit, non-stock corporation, has been approved on February 20, 2009 as an IRS 501(c)(3) exempt organization. Bay Islands Community Health Association provides charitable grants, subject to the discretion and control of the Board of Directors, to support the work of Clinica Esperanza in its efforts to improve healthcare in Roatan, Honduras. Donations and contributions are used for purposes that meet 501c3 guidelines & are tax deductible as allowed by law. The official registration and financial information of Bay Islands Community Health Association may be obtained by request or from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.”

Bay Islands Community Healthcare Association Financial Information

Clinica Esperanza is a member of the Honduran Fellowship Of Missionaries and Ministries.

For a summary of our clinic’s mission and services see our brochure!