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New Teaching Program at Clinica Esperanza [Volunteer Post]

This is a guest post written by Katy Wilson, a nurse from Texas. She is long term volunteer who has become a huge asset to the clinic. She is the go-to person on the clinic floor; a wealth of information and solutions. We so appreciate capable volunteers like Katy who are able to come and make a positive impact on the clinic. Here she reflects on some of the positive  changes that she has seen in her time here.

A couple of weeks ago we had a doctor from the UK, Dr. Sarah, spend some time here in Roatan working on the educational portion of the volunteer program at Clinica Esperanza. She did a great job reformatting the informational packets that we send out to all the volunteers. I know it took her a long time, but it is greatly appreciated!

2013-10-16 08.05.24Another portion of the program she worked on was providing educational sessions at the beginning of every day. These discussions  are for all the staff and the volunteers. It is so neat to see the collaboration from non-medical volunteers, nurses, and doctors. The sessions have covered topics such as malaria, dengue, sexually transmitted infections, bites and stings, pediatric malnutrition, cancer, HIV, and so much more! It has been such a blessing to see all the volunteers stepping up with whatever their expertise is and sharing with the group. Several of the sessions have been led by the local doctors. Dr. Raymond taught on malaria and dengue, and Dr. Rafael taught on pediatric malnutrition (image below) and will be speaking on pediatric dehydration this next week! Other sessions have been more practice based such as reading x-rays led by Dr. Sarah, and basic life support led by two PA students Brandon and Brian (image at the top of the page). Even one of the non-medical volunteers who is applying for medical school now led a session one morning on an interesting case he saw of cutaneous larva migrans. One particularly amusing lecture was about breastfeeding and one of the guys willingly volunteered to be the model for us (image to the right). A lot of laughing happened at this morning conference!

2013-10-30 07.42.26

This teaching program has been a great addition to the already fabulous experience of volunteering at Clinica Esperanza. It is a good opportunity to remember topics you have learned before, learn about diseases you may not be used to, and build community and collaboration among the staff. One of my favorite parts is getting to glean some of the amazing knowledge these physicians here have. I have been amazed at the depth of knowledge that these doctors possess and can recall at a moment’s notice. It is also neat to hear the differences and similarities between medical professionals from all over the world. During my 3 months here so far there have been volunteers from Germany, Canada, Prague, England, and of course Honduras! Nowhere else have I been able to see so much and hear from people all over the world about their experiences and what the standard of medicine is in different countries! I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with all these wonderful volunteers and learn so much from them. I am so glad I found out about Clinica Esperanza!   – Katy Wilson, Nurse, Texas