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$4 Million in Meds Arrive in Roatan

On August 6 well over 2000 boxes of hypertensive meds, diabetes medicine and antibiotics were distributed among the following healthcare facilities: Clinica Esperanza, Roatan Hospital, Centro de Salud-Los Fuertes, Centro de Salud-French Harbour, Clinica Oak Ridge, Centro de Salud-Pandy Town, Clinica Glenda Fe and Hospital Loma de Luz (mainland).

This donation was made by Direct Relief International but it is remarkable how so many organizations and businesses came together to make this a success:

Peggy Stranges, Founder of Clinica Esperanza, organized the order through Direct Relief International and Joseph Natale and Marvin Borden of Intensive Heart Ventures managed the safe delivery to Roatan. Jerrito Hynds of Island Shipping shipped the meds for free from La Ceiba to Roatan and the Hydes from Hybur Shipping provided the fork lifts that facilitated the move of all the meds to the hospital grounds. Paul Dyar’s Church of God allowed us to use their grounds for organizing the distribution and the Kingdom First of Stanford sent a team of volunteers to help.

Thanks also to the members of the Clinica Esperanza team who helped with distribution: Dee Haisten, Leilani Evans, Heidy Moncada, Kelly Ryan, Alison Midence and Angel Baide.

While this donation is a huge help to offsetting some of the Clinic’s expenses, we are always thankful for the continued support of our volunteers and visitors who bring us supplies and medications. See here for a list of the meds and supplies that we always need.

(photo courtesy of Heart Ventures)

(photo courtesy of Heart Ventures)

(photo courtesy of Heart Ventures)




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  1. Peggy - August 7, 2013 6:47 pm

    This was a great cooperative effort and many, many thanks to all who helped. There is a real shortage of medications in Honduras at present and the needs are great. These are all in-dated, necessary medications that are of great value to the poor patients that receive these. In many cases, these are life saving!